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Inner Wild Voice Studio, a girl and boy singing and acting with a microphone


Inner Wild Voice Studio is dedicated to the development of strong, healthy voices. Students will work on the following: breathing, ear training, intonation, tone, vocal placement, resonance, relaxation, vocal strain, strength and power, agility, endurance, genre style, diction and vowels as well as repertoire, interpretation, artistry, brand and artistic development.

Students will learn to explore their strengths and improve on their weaknesses while building repertoire that suits their unique voice and brand. The singing studio strives to prepare students for a life-long career in the industry by creating unique performers and musical story tellers. Once students begin to master techniques and address problem areas in their execution, students move onto artist development, performance and artistry. 

All levels are welcome ages 7 and up.

Genres styles include but are not limited to: pop, musical theatre, r&b, soul, funk, jazz, rock, folk, indie, and latin.

 acting | voice & speech

Inner Wild Voice Studio also offers coaching in Acting and Voice & Speech concentrations. The curriculum includes monologue and scene work, diction, voice-over, narration, dialects, annunciation, muscle tension and vocal strain, speech presentation, body and movement, stage fright, voice projection, placement, and breath work.

All levels ages 7 and up.

Stage. On-screen. Voice-Over. Speech. Dialects.


audition prep

Audition Prep is dedicated lessons to prepare students for a professional career in the performing arts. This concentration is reserved for intermediate and advanced students only who are ready to polish songs, monologues, scenes, speeches and other various audition materials. Audition Prep prepares students for the logistics of auditioning professionally to ensure confident, well- rounded working performers. This can be added to the other concentrations or as a short term study to polish materials before submitting to auditions.

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