•  What happens if I miss a lesson?

All lessons must be cancelled within a 24 hour notice or the lesson will be considered forfeit. Please contact your instructor as soon as you know that you may need a schedule adjustment.

  • Do you accept beginners?

Yes! Beginners are encouraged to use the Discovery Lesson to see if voice lessons are the right fit for you and your vocal goals. Beginners can expect to learn the fundamentals of singing in their first few months of singing lessons. You'll be working on mastering your breathing technique, as well as learning where and how to place your sound along with building up your vocal strength and power.


Online lessons are a great way to take voice lessons for people who have less time available to make the commute to my studio. It's also a wonderful option for in-person students who'd like the option to stay at home every once in a while or take while out of town to stay vocally fit. I have a ton of experience teaching virtually. The only major difference is that I can't be there in person to physically help you with tension although I can still pin point it and have you practice ways to alleviate it. Students who choose online should have high speed internet and two different electronic devices: one for the zoom call and the other to play YouTube tracks. Having two helps the sound quality so I can give a better lesson.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, debit or credit card payments are accepted through Square, CashApp, and Venmo. To secure your lesson time, please make your payment 24 hours before your lesson time. Unpaid lessons will be subject to cancellation or rescheduling. 

  • Can I take lessons with a friend?

Sure! Use the Stay Connected form to inquire about taking group lessons.

  • Can I take singing lessons just for fun?

Of course! Many of my students take lessons to pursue their love of singing without any professional ambitions. Singing is a fun and relaxing way to build confidence and reduce anxiety.