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     Atlanta's hottest new voice studio offering in-person and online personalized singing, voice and acting lessons for all age groups and levels by industry professional, Kristina Morales.

Transform your raw talent into a rewarding career with private one on one coaching that is tailored to meet your goals and designed to help you achieve success!




I'm a professional multi-hyphenate singer, actor, coach and designer with a passion for teaching and the performing arts industry. I specialize in singing, voice & speech, dialect training and acting coaching to all ages and levels in the greater Atlanta area and beyond. I'm happy to work in all settings including private voice lessons, as a coach on recording sessions or on film sets as a dialect or voice coach with actors to nurture honest performances. To book your first private coaching, simply use the "stay connected" tab located at the top of this page or call me at 504-250-8618 to schedule your first lesson.

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Singing. Voice & Speech. Acting. Audition Prep.

I'm in your corner helping you meet and achieve your goals. Whether you are learning to sing, prepping for a major audition, preparing a speech or working on a role, our private lessons will be dedicated to your vision and together we will give you the tools and road map to achieving your success.

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